labor day weekend, 2010

we decided last-minute to whisk the boys down to the beach for labor day. we got a great rate and thought, why not? so off we went! we hopped in the car and six short, relatively sane hours later we were there. sandestin will never be the same.

the boys were excited to check out the village.


and both were thrilled at the many fountains for their feet.


we took a long walk on a long pier. we only did this once because both boys tried very hard to climb over and into the bay.


we discovered a super fun slide.



and then it was time for bed. sleeping arrangements in our quite nice one-bedroom/full kitchen/washer and dryer unit were a bit tricky. we had a king-sized bed and a pull out sofa. the first night we all tried to sleep in the bed. let’s just say the boys move around. a lot. tripper ended up taking max and pulling the pull-out mattress onto the floor while i stayed in the big bed with alex. nobody over the age of two slept well. the next night we tried both boys on the floor mattress. i thought for sure this was going to be great. see? night vision.


unfortunately they roll around more than a set of lucky dice at the craps table. all night long every half hour or so one of them had to be retrieved from their face-down-on-the-floor position. did i mention this went on all night? again, noone over the age of two slept well. anyway, the days were great!

the stroller stops here.


would you believe max actually liked the sand and went into the water this time? he did! he liked the ocean and told everyone, i go ocean. it salty. we stayed in the water probably for about 45 minutes and then the poor thing got the shivers. time to get out!


and alex was a little fish, er, shark. shark!


i think that boy would have stayed in the water for hours if he could have. he loved “swimming” through the waves. he also liked sitting in the wet sand with daddy and max and letting the waves crash up over him again and again and again. lots of screaming and shrieks of laughter!

the highlight for the boys was definitely riding around on the shuttle bus. they loved every second.


and every time we had to hop off, it broke max’s little heart.


it took at least 30 minutes and lots of convincing that we would ride it again before he’d stop crying. i hate to admit this, but at one point we rode the bus around the loop with no intention of getting off anywhere. we went around one complete time and then headed for the beach. the sun was low and the temperature had dropped. the light was perfect and the boys had a blast playing in the sand.


and then they spotted the steps.


we headed back to the village for a little dancing and swinging in hammocks.




we capped off the day with some late-night pizza. all we ate at the beach was pizza. max loved it, so we all ate it. for every meal. you know, because nothing says the beach like fresh pizza! seriously, i was just glad he was eating. plus it allowed for some fun shout-outs from our seats followed by a little stroller dancing. i’ll upload those videos tomorrow.

monday we toured seaside—lovely. then we headed home. we had a great time, but it’s good to be back!


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