we took the boys to the zoo today. it was our plan b. plan a was to take them to the train museum and let them look at all the trains. unfortunately, the train museum is closed on sundays so we quickly headed south to see the pandas and mend the broken hearts of the boys in the back seat.

we promised panda tattoos in the car on the way there. and they reminded us of that as soon as we got there.


can you see it? here’s a closer look.


both the boys got the same one. it will last for seven days. yes, i’m totally rethinking that now. we should have stuck with the free stamp that washes off in the bath. ah well. they seem to like them!

they had a great time looking at the animals. we saw the lions and zebras and the new baby giraffe.


the boys stared intently at the rhinocerous. (look at max’s swollen little face—my poor baby!)




he was eating green grass for lunch.

we also saw the pandas. and max tried hard to get another panda tattoo.


and we did some light walking. nothing too crazy.


the highlight for the boys (and tripper and me) was getting to see them wash the elephants. wow! they sure do like their bath. and they got so close to us you could almost feel the spray.


on the way home, we hunted down the king of pops. alex was glued to the tv. any guesses what was playing?



and max fell sound asleep.


we brought his popsicle home for tomorrow. remarkably, it only melted a little on the way. i’m sure he’ll be excited for it—it’ll be a nice treat for him since alex will be in school and he’s stuck at home for another week.


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