mall walkers

on sunday it rained. we took the boys to perimeter mall to let them romp around a bit. it was our first time going strollerless, and aside from one meltdown when it was time to leave the apple store, the boys really did well. i can think of two reasons why …

one and two. green and blue.


the super nice sales lady in the nordstrom shoe department did us a huge favor. whowouldathunk that two *free* balloons could provide for an entire day’s worth of entertainment?


long after we left the mall, they were still playing with those balloons.


sadly, the balloons deflated sometime in the night. but smart mommy went to kroger this morning and got two new balloons! balloons, guys! BALLOONS!

yeah, they totally weren’t interested today. go figure.


One thought on “mall walkers

  1. holly, did you know that the dollar store has balloons for…well, yes, a dollar? the ones with heloum in them and those last for a long time…and cheap!

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