board members.

tripper brought home an awesome surprise for the boys tonight. they could not wait to try it out. here’s a hint …


have you figured it out yet??


skateboards! and helmets! the store didn’t have knee or elbow pads in their size, so we’ll be on the hunt for those. in the meantime, we made them stick to skating up and down the driveway.


alex hopped right on and let mummy and daddy help him zoom all over. max wanted to do it by himself—and he got a little upset when he couldn’t. eventually he gave in and let us help him out. i think they had the time of their lives!!

it started getting dark and our backs were kinda breaking, so we put up the boards and went on a walk. alex cried halfway around the block for his skateboard. i think he’s hooked. the rest of the way we searched for bunnies, planes and stars. and we learned to jump over the cracks!


and then it was time for crackers and milk (crackers is the boys’ lion) and then bed. so very glad things are returning to normal!




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