toddler beds.

it was a big day here at the allen house today. while the boys were eating their dinner, daddy was upstairs taking down the cribs and pulling in the big boy beds. they were so excited when they saw them! they spent about 45 minutes climbing up and down and in and out and laughing their heads off.

they went down pretty easily and we hadn’t heard a peep since. imagine our surprise when we went in to check on them and found this …


and a little closer …


poor alex! somehow he found his way to the floor. there was no loud thud, no crying, not a peep over the monitor. tomorrow we plan to get a video monitor so we can see what’s going on in there after lights out without having to disturb them—not that we disturbed them tonight … we used a flash, were laughing and trying not to (which just made us laugh louder) and picked up mr. sleepy and returned him to bed without so much as a blink. don’t they totally look like they went on a wild bender or something? lol.

tomorrow we’ll also be hunting down a few new pieces for the boys’ room—taking out the big cribs and replacing with these little beds left some room for more decorating! yay!! and we’ll be child proofing the whole upstairs. any words of advice??

in other news, max ate so much food for dinner. he ate two servings of gnocchi, fresh buffalo mozzarella cubes (about a dozen), yogurt, mandarin oranges, goldfish crackers and some fruit chews. i couldn’t believe it. way to go, kiddo!


3 thoughts on “toddler beds.

  1. One of my firsts thoughts was "the room looks bigger now!". I can’t wait to see what you find to put in there. They looks so cute in (and out) their big boy beds.

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