an explanation.

ok, i think i owe you one since i kinda left you hanging at the end of the pdk post. 

later that day max and alex decided they wanted to ride in the stroller. we were at the oakland cemetery victorian festival and they were plum tired. and they were also thirsty. tripper got them each a small bottle of water. see where this is going? a few minutes later we heard ear-piercing shrieking. max had dumped his entire bottle into his lap. it was ice cold and it pooled up in the seat of the stroller. we picked him up and he was soaked from the waist down, literally dripping wet. and it was so chilly and windy—yikes!! don’t fret though, not yet. we had the diaper bag! except there were no bottoms in there. only tops. and a towel. we sopped up the water from the seat with the towel. then we placed the changing pad over the seat. then we stripped max down to his naked self. did i mention we were in the middle of a very crowded cemetery? then we quickly (and i mean blink-of-an-eye fast) put on a new, dry diaper and used tripper’s big, blue fleece as makeshift shorts. once we got him buckled back into the stroller, you couldn’t even tell our child wasn’t wearing pants in public. nope. it looked like he had a warm fleece blanket tucked around his legs. and to make it look even moreso, we tucked alex’s fleece around his legs, too. we’re so macgyver.



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