so romantic.

for our anniversary, tripper, the boys and i went to barnes & noble. we spent two hours in the children’s section reading books, throwing books and leaping off the stage …


we also did this …

oh, and this …

and why did we spend two hours doing these things? why to see lauren conrad, of course! i was so excited to meet her, thank her for helping me through my long and boring bed rest while pregnant (i watched many episodes of the hills to pass the time) and introduce her to the end result. instead, by the time it was finally our turn, max was having a meltdown, tripper had a pocket full of smushed fruit, alex insisted on being held and i was all sweaty and disheveled. i think tripper said, “hey” and i said, “wow! your hand must be tired!” and the boys screamed and she stared at us like we all had something on our faces. but, she never stopped smiling and looked just like she did on television. tripper got an awesome picture—well worth the wait.


lol. maybe next time!


2 thoughts on “so romantic.

  1. Oh my goodness, I wish I would have known she was going to be in town. I would have been waiting in line as well to meet her. I’ve loved her since Laguna Beach, yes I admit it!!

  2. I loved the Hills–and Laguna Beach, too- watch all of them, too, Holly, while pregnant. These days I’m all about Teen Mom and the Real Housewives…like I have nothing better to do with my time, right?

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