a day out with thomas

if you are contemplating taking your littles to a day out with thomas, i have two words for you—stay in. ok, ok. maybe i’m being too harsh. if it’s near you, sure, go. and have fun. i can’t honestly say the six hours in the car to get there and back were worth it. add in the heat (90°+) and the gnats (they were out of control) and it definitely wasn’t the disney-esque day i had pictured in my head. the actual thomas the train engine was cool, but the rest we pretty much could have done here at home—ride marta, play at our own train table, draw on our faces with crayola markers, minigolf of the little tykes variety, pictures in front of posters of the other trains. (wha? huh?)

all that aside, it was indeed a day out to remember. the four of us spent the whole thing within six square feet of one another. and that always makes for a great day in my book. even with the screaming in the car.

here he is! the man of the hour.


alex and max studying their junior engineer certificates.



mommy and maxie laughing and singing on the train.


daddy and alex being silly for the iPhone camera.


the boys did have fun. we all did. and seeing them spot thomas for the first time was totally priceless. “gasp! that’s, that’s, that’s … THOMAS! THAT’S THOMAS!!!” ok. maybe it was worth the drive. 😉


One thought on “a day out with thomas

  1. We did that last year and I was very disappointed too. It was very expensive to get in and the only Thomas thing there was, was Thomas on the front of the train. And you had to wait in a super long line just to get a two second picture with him!

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