where’s the fire?


the boys had a great time this afternoon at bailey’s firetruck birthday party! we all did! the highlight for sure, aside from the fireman hats, was getting the firetruck tattoos on their cheeks. i knew alex would sit still long enough, but max i wasn’t so sure about. you guys, he was so brave! he sat so still and was super excited when he was shown the mirror. so cute.


the party was from 11-1, but we didn’t leave until almost 4 o’clock. the boys were playing great together, so we stayed. we were the last guests by a long shot, but it was so much fun to chat and play. not two minutes after we pulled out of the driveway we saw this …


and that’s the way they stayed during several errands and most of the way home. our little firefighters were plum tuckered out!


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