fighting tooth decay.

want to eavesdrop on alex and max as they brush their teeth and get ready for bed? i do!!

toy story. again.

ps—i love it that alex spits into the sink. lol.

Transcript, video 1:
M: “To infinity and beyond!”
A: (spit)
A: (indecipherable)
A: “I want Buzz. I want Buzz, Daddy.”
M: “No!”
A: “I want Woody.”
M: “You want Woody? OK.”
A: “Yeah.”
M: “You want a little Woody. You want Woody? You want a little Woody?”


Transcript, video 2:
M: “See buzz over there?”
A: “I up there. Beside you.”
M: “On my feet.”
A: (indecipherable)
A: “Are you big, too? Yeah.”
M: “I not a (indecipherable).”
A: (indecipherable)
M: “Is that my feet? That my feet.”



3 thoughts on “fighting tooth decay.

  1. this was just so adorable! all i could make out was "woody" but it’s darn cute to hear them talk! hey, since when have you used the electric toothbrushes? i am thinking of going to those- do you just use adult ones for them?

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