saturday in the park.

we took the boys to the awesome new park in sandy springs this morning. wow they had a good time!! and aside from my heart being in my throat much of the time, i enjoyed being out in the fresh air with my boys, too.

things started out pretty tame—climbing a “rock” staircase.


sliding down a bumpy slide.


and then they took it up a notch. they climbed an enormous tower. you know, the kind where they could FALL OFF THE EDGE.


how tall? well those are the tippity tops of my fingers there. under max. way under max. heart in throat moment.


and they slid down the biggest of the big kid slides. gulp!


and they looked so proud when they got back to the bottom, ready to go again and again.


we left because max started acting like a grouch (more on that in the next post), and because some 50-year-old man was acting like a complete lunatic chasing his too-old-to-be-at-the-playground son up the slides and down the ladders and all around the ground. what a jerk. we were so afraid he’d either knock one of the boys off the equipment or trample them. nice.

while we were there lots of people did ask us if the boys were twins. you tell me …

alex …


max …


synchronized sliding!



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