that, that and the other

tripper has a sinus infection. he got a z-pack, so hopefully will be feeling much better soon. my tummy is still queasy, but bearable. the boys seem ok. let’s hope good health returns here soon.

last night alex peed on me. he was dancing around like he had to go but insisted he did not. then he climbed up into my lap to cuddle and the next minute i am sitting in a puddle of hot pee. nice. thank goodness we were sitting on the leather chair and not the couch. pee wipes right off of leather. oh, and did i mention he laughed at me?

max had a bad dream. he cried out in his sleep numerous times—”noooooooooo!” and was pulling his feet up over and over. later when asked he said the “crocodiles were snapping at me.” poor little boo.

i finally got my wedding rings resized! i am wearing them for the first time since february of 2008. yippeeeee! they look beautiful 🙂

i am really ready for christmas. is it too early to start decorating? the stores have.

and speaking of, perhaps you can settle an argument. tripper and i cannot agree on where to put the christmas tree. one of us thinks it should go in the spot where the boys’ art table now sits. it’s in the family room near the fireplace and the stockings and seems like a logical place to put a tree, you know, since it would be convenient for santa. the other one of us thinks it should go on the wall near the stairs. it’s farther from the fireplace, but seems like a good spot in that you can see it from everywhere downstairs and even through the front door, the boys will be able to look over the landing and see all the presents and that spot is currently empty and in need of some attention. 




10 thoughts on “that, that and the other

  1. I vote for by the stairs…it is fun for not only you to see it, but for for the lights to sparkle so that nieghbors see it too. Also… IMAGINE the boys sleepily walking down the stairs on Christmas morning to see all of the magic that Santa and his elves have made!!!

  2. I’m going against the majority! I think #1. That way you can sit on the sofa and see the tree. It’s a more comfortable room for gift opening. Sorry! I’m betting that was Tripper’s choice.

  3. I vote both – no one says you can’t have 2 trees. Just a smaller one by the stairs. That way it’s enjoyed by all. With the bigger tree at spot #1 you can enjoy it by the fire & is much better for listening to caroles, story telling, and snuggling. We had a tree in our dining room (front room) at our house in Americus so it woulld show through the windows to the street. We really couldn’t see it & it was terrible.

  4. I agree with #1 for picture reasons. How great of a photo would it be to have the tree, fireplace, stockings and kiddos all in it? That’s my vote.

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