shop ’til ya pop.



we had a lot of fun shopping at the indie craft experience on saturday. such neat stuff! the boys, however, were most impressed with the king of pops. their pick? banana puddin’. mmmm. homemade popsicles with banana, whipped cream and bits of nilla wafers. they ate every. last. bit.


while mommy was browsing, daddy decided to venture out an open door with the boys and have a little photoshoot. i almost killed tripper when i found them. we were in a super hip industrial space complete with sharp and rusted fire escape. and we were high up—big drop down to the bottom. yipes.


this next one makes me think of an album cover. i wonder what the boys’ band would be called?


my little rockette.


the studio space where the fair was set up also had one of those cool walls for taking photos—you know, the kind without a seam where the floor and wall meet. i like to call this, if you’re happy and you know it touch your toes. it’s one of my new all-time favorites of the boys. well, one of the boys. i think that’s max but can’t be sure!



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