mirror, mirror on the wall.

since the day tripper told me he had no desire to hang our television above the mantel i have dreamed of buying a beautiful mirror (the one i spied at restoration hardware) to hang up there. as a christmas present to me, i bought one. ok, it’s not THE one i’ve had my eye on—that one is too pricey for us these days. no, it’s a knock-off but i love it just the same.

last week, my dad came over to help hang it above the mantel. it took lots of planning as the mirror easily weighs 50 pounds. he came armed with special brackets and tools and levelers and anchors and since it was over our heads, literally, and we really only wanted to lift it once, we measured and remeasured and measured again. after all that, we got it on the wall, stepped back and  … you guys, i hated it. no, i HATED it! all you could see when you looked at that once calm place was the reflection of an ugly ceiling fan and the tops of a million cabinets. it was awful. i thought a mirror would be so fluid and clear. i was wrong. i could see my mum chomping at the bit to say so. and when she did, i knew what had to be done.

we took it down. and then my dad had to patch and sand and paint (thanks, dad!). and now it looks just as lovely as it did before—except now it’s decked out for christmas.


i love it. i don’t think we’ll put anything up there. it’s kind of a nice rest for your eyes from all the bits and pieces in the shelves. and yes, tripper, you can say i told you so.

so where is the beautiful mirror now? well, long ago my mum gave me the advice that if you can’t picture something in at least two places in your home, you shouldn’t buy it. i’ve lived by that motto. so here is the beautiful mirror looking lovely in spot number two, the dining room.


now i just need to get fabulous drapes and a china cabinet and a real centerpiece—oh boy. anyway, see what’s reflected in there now? our tree! i love it!


we may have to leave it up all year because who knows what i’ll think when it comes down and just the stairs are back there. kidding, dad. kind of. xoxo.


5 thoughts on “mirror, mirror on the wall.

  1. its funny. I just sold my home and are now looking for exactly what your house looks like. Letting you guys know you have a beautiful home.

  2. You are so lucky to have such a patient and handy father. If that was me I would be forced to live with my mistake for years! I have lots of those "mistakes" around the house that I’m just waiting to undo. It looks great in the dining room. Can’t wait to see it!

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