snowed-in suggestions?

we are all ears here at the allen house. the boys are home for the third straight day and we have run out of ideas for having inside fun.

we watched up.


we made crayola masterpieces.

we packed our bags for a flight to paris where we had lunch near the eiffel tower of blocks.


we “planted” an avocado and watched it grow.


it didn’t grow fast enough for us and resulted in a meltdown. 😦

we watched cars. and toy story. and toy story 3. (we don’t like toy story 2.)

we had a shoe fashion show.

we set up the living room like a grocery store and picked out the stuff we liked.


we played a riveting game of hockey.

we rode our bikes through the dining room …

we helped make a pizza for a pizza picnic dinner.

we actually ate the pizza.

we read 1,749 books.

we played with the video camera on daddy’s iphone.

we went fishing in the bathtub.

we took an extra long bath.

we told stories before bed.

we woke up and are looking for new things to do!! help!







7 thoughts on “snowed-in suggestions?

  1. Do you have playdough? McKenna loves playdough and cookie cutters. That kills an hour. And if we really need to kill some time, she gets ahold of my iPad and is entertained for way longer than we let her.

  2. Hi Holly. You’ve done great so far! What an impressive list! Following are some ideas from someone without kids:Did you make ‘play-doh’ out of flour, salt and water? Food coloring for the different colors? Color some salt with colored chalk and make ‘sand’ art? Build a fort with blankets, etc. in either their bedroom or living room and bring in games/books/toys and play by flashlight?These are all pretty ‘old school’… the things we used to do when I was little. My mom apparently also kept a few toys or games in her closet that she stockpiled throughout the year… she’d pull these out on snow days too.

  3. Oh!! Another fun thing (and a favorite of my husband…shhh…don’t tell him I told you). Grab a pie pan or casserole dish. Pour in corn starch and add some water while stirring it up. I also tend to add a little bit of jello for color and better smell. And then let them play! Our preschool does this with the kids as a science project. But I had never seen it before then. Here’s a youtube video we made so you can see…

  4. i hope that this one posts! we don’t have kids but here are ideas i’ve bookmarked-homemade playdough (easy recipe online; i’ve used this one noodles on yarn-green slime – paints for the bathtub (with cornstartch)-i spy-doorway puppet show art – paint capes-hide and seek-trace their bodies on butcher paper and then have them color in their eyes, hair, clothes, etc.-blanket forts with flashlights-snow ice cream-spaghetti dogs valentines making hearts with their thumbs-icey sun catchers (drop some toys in water, freeze, and hang outside)-bird feeder with pinecones, peanut butter and seeds-necklaces from stringing cheerios-window painting

  5. how about a playdate with some friends? that way you can get out of the house, make mess somewhere eslse, get some adult time and the boys would get some time with kids, too!!! or, mcdonald’s playplace? yes, they are dirty and yucky and the food is not the best, but it’s a ton of fun for the boys!

  6. these are great ideas!! i’ll report back what we do tomorrow. @esther, it would be great to get out but we can’t drive—the roads are iced over. i might go if i was by myself (tripper did ok), but i wouldn’t risk it with the kiddos in the car.

  7. I must say guys are quite creative and inspire me to do more creative things with the boys! Sounds like you all are making the best out of the snow situation!

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