the boys had their first-ever playdate with a princess today! yay!


school was closed yet again, so i tossed the boys in the car and took them over to play with their friend mia. she was a very gracious—and beautiful—hostess in her princess dress. she was happy to share all her toys (something we very much need to work on). she gave us a tour of her amazing house. and she planned the cutest lunch ever! i think the boys were stunned at all the toys that were not cars or airplanes or trains. alex donned a pair of earrings for the afternoon and max was speechless when introduced to mia’s tinkerbell.

thank you so much, darby (mia’s mum), for having us all over! the boys had an incredible time and talked about mia (and her piggy banks) non-stop the rest of the afternoon. we definitely need to do it again!!

ps—the picture was our attempt at getting three toddlers to sit in a row. mia plopped right off the step causing alex to bust a gut laughing and max? well, max is being max doing some kind of crazy line dance or something. totally cracks me up!


One thought on “playdate!

  1. So fun to see Mia here! I thought I clicked the wrong blog for a second there. I love that the boys weren’t used to all the "girl toys"! I never thought of that before 🙂

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