we broke out the safety scissors tonight and let alex and max go hog wild on some scrap paper. they had a blast! and the best part? watching alex’s mouth open and close in step with the scissors opening and closing. too funny! here he is in deep concentration …


max using his sweater to help. 


we had plenty of shots of alex with mouth agape, but i couldn’t bring myself to upload them so instead you’re getting the mouth closed tight when the scissors closed.


max would snip part way through the paper then tear it the rest of the way and annouce that he “got it!”


alex focused on precision cuts.








thankfully no fingers got clipped or skin got cut, though we did have a few close calls. and max’s poor sweater got snipped—yep, a hole clean through. i’d be upset, but it really was getting too small!



3 thoughts on “snippers.

  1. I love both the photos you share and the every day moments you deem to be significant. Scissors are quite a turning point, and you get that! You all are great parents.

  2. thanks, linda! and kim, i don’t know yet if he’s a lefty. he and max both do a lot with their left hands. tripper and i are not, but his dad and my mum are. we’ll see!! ps—should i know by now??

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