months ago i had my dad hang two frames on the long wall in the boys’ room. i added a big letter A to one and a big letter M to the other. i had grand plans of printing out black and white pictures of the boys and placing them in their frames—and then never did.

last week, i read an article on the importance of showcasing the artwork of your kiddos. it said something about being a big self-esteem builder as well as creating a special love for the arts.

yesterday, the boys brought home a stack of their artwork—and the two pieces at the top of the stack, well let’s just say i knew immediately what i was going to put into those frames. last night while they were sleeping i snuck in and—voila!


well look-y there—two bears, one stone. and i can’t tell you how excited the boys were when they woke up and saw the art they made hanging in frames on their wall. joy!


2 thoughts on “framed.

  1. it looks awesome! we’ve been doing this for years. We’ve got her artwork all over the place. You’ve got tons of places you can sneak their artwork in, in your house. that’s what makes it a home.

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