tripper is going to kill me.

after i dropped the boys off at school this morning, i needed to run over to babies r us to get what will hopefully be the last big box of diapers for max for school. he was completely out, and i had a save $8 coupon for a box of 64 or greater. i got a box of 100. with a little luck, hopefully by the end of this box, he’ll be in pull-ups at the very least.

anyway, the babies r us is right next to a petsmart that happened to be having a dog adoption day. do you see where this is going? i won’t drag it out any longer—without further ado, i introduce the newest members of the allen family …


omg! i can’t believe what i just did. two pugs!! tripper and i have discussed when to get another dog—and we’d decided we’d get one when the boys asked. which they haven’t. but look at those faces! sure there is the whole max-is-terrified-of-dogs thing, but they are so small and so cute. and they’re surprisingly calm. and i thought, the best way to get over a fear of dogs is to get one, right? and then i thought each boy should have his own. and then i thought how much i miss having company during the day. and the next thing i knew, i was signing up, paying, and loading them up into the car. omg!

they are 5- and 6-years old, potty trained and from a family that was moving overseas that couldn’t take them along. their names right now are max and ruby, but since we already have a max, we’ll need to come up with something else. if we let the boys decide, they’ll end up being thomas and percy. so i think i should come up with the names and then introduce them as such when the boys get home.

salt and pepper?
miles and mary peanut?
april and fool?

ha! april fools! got ya!


5 thoughts on “tripper is going to kill me.

  1. Phew!!!!! You almost had me. If I hadn’t had a few tricks played on me today, I would have believed you.

  2. Oh my gosh. You totally had me and typically, I love all your ideas and spontaneity but this time, I truly thought you were off your rocker. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh.

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