it’s class pictures time again! we were told the boys did very well—and it looks like they did have a fun time. i think, however, that i’ll only be ordering the photo above. let’s just say i’m not a fake pier backdrop type of girl. now if they had placed a pelican on each of their heads? i’d totally buy that!






cutie pies! so, which one should i start calling gilligan? skipper?

(proofs from


2 thoughts on “proof.

  1. Such cutie pies. Their backdrop looks a lot better than Zoe’s school picture backdrop!! I wanted to make sure you have been receiving my comments? I haven’t heard back from you in a while. Hope you all are doing great!

  2. Adorable! You can get real photos like this next week at the beach! Ok, on that last one it kinda looks like they are both holding their junk. I wonder what the photographer said. Ha! You can also totally see the difference in head size. Wow! You should photo shop wooden pelicans on their heads in the last one. Too funny.

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