pump track.


i’d never heard of a pump track before this weekend, and now that’s all the boys are talking about. basically, it’s a dirt bmx track—like moguls, but for your bike. my heart was definitely in my throat, but the boys rocked it. and loved it. and rode for two solid hours.


i honestly couldn’t believe how great they were at it. pictures just don’t tell the story. take a look at max …

alex …

and tripper …


and here are my happy boys after their ride. xoxoxox. oooooh, i love them!



6 thoughts on “pump track.

  1. not sure if it’s alpharetta or roswell, but the track is very close to the intersection of holcomb bridge road and old alabama. basically, get off 400 and go toward norcross. turn left at old alabama. a few hundred yards down, just after you pass a big apartment complex on the left, there’s a little park entrance on the left. you go all the way down a long gravel road and the pump track is at the end on the right. if you go, call us!and tracy, tripper’s helmet was on the picnic bench right next to the track! whoops!

  2. Great photos! Can I use some of these images in my pump track proposal? I am trying to get permission to build one in my town (Fairfield CT), and I want to show that it will be a great facility for all ages

  3. @sam—sure! let me know if you need any information. the boys are a month shy of turning three in these pictures, if that helps you. keep us posted—i hope your town gets a pump track, too!

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