presents from across the pond!


ceecee returned safely from her trip to england—yay!yay!yay!—and with her, she brought back presents from her family for the boys! they loved their flags and pins and bubbles and clowns and spiderman slips (underpants), but they really, really loved their new toy story books. they made me read the story to them over and over again tonight—from both of the books, even though they had the same words. they were nervously excited to see the villian, sid, on the pages. “heeee’s scaaaaaa-wy!” they must have played the “you’ve got a friend in me” song at least 100 times before they both tucked their new books under their pillows and drifted off to sleep. and i got a little thrill to see words like favorite spelled favourite. how fun … and british … and fabulous!



but the fun doesn’t stop there. great grandma bea, my mum’s mum, sent the boys a little something for their piggy banks. let’s just say they are going to have the most wonderful time next time we head to the toy store!! thank you all so much for thinking of the boys and for taking such good care of my mum over there! i hope next time we can all come. alex has said when he turns five he’d like to see the eiffel tower (we read a lot of madeline). so maybe we’ll do paris and london. only two more years! xoxo.



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