a home of their own.

here it is! a thing of beauty and a joy forever. it’s the playhouse!! all done and in plenty of time for the boys’ birthday.


isn’t it cute? pompa did a fantastic job building it. it took quite some time to lay the foundation—we ran into a few issues with large cement blobs holding up the deck—but after that, things progressed quickly. the house, which only took him one day (ONE DAY!!) to build, is precious. and when all was said and done, he had only one extra screw left over. not bad!

the boys love it, especially the doorbell and the sliding windows in the back. yes, we were trying to make it a surprise for their birthday, but since we finished much sooner than anticipated—and it had to be assembled in the yard—we had no choice but to have the reveal early.

here’s a look back …



at first we (and by we i mean pompa) decided to dig down to level off the area where the house would sit. but, we ended up having to go with plan b when we unearthed the cement blob. it was totally in the way and pompa was worried it could end up hurting the boys. so instead he built a 20-square-foot wooden frame, which we filled with 16 large bags of gravel. once the gravel was tampened down, we laid the recycled rubber paver stones on top. voila!


the house going up. hi pompa!


by some incredible stroke of luck, the boys took a 3-hour nap the day we picked to landscape. pompa dug the holes and while tripper and i moved mountains of pinestraw. we then planted 3 soft-touch holly bushes, which one day will grow together to form a hedge. in the meantime, we also planted some filler flowers. then we put down 15 bags of mini nugget wood chips and a small stone path. it really is so adorable.


thank you so much, pompa! i’m sure this house will hold many memories as the boys grow and get big. here’s the first one …

i walked out and caught alex blowing as hard as he could at the front door while max giggled like crazy on the inside. he was pretending to be the big, bad wolf and really thought he could blow the house down! silly goose!


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