no cavities!

alex and max had their first trip to the dentist yesterday—no cavities! yay! they both were amazingly cooperative. i’m going to chalk that up to stellar parenting skills. 😉 all week i’ve been coaching them on their visit to the dentist, saying he was going to count all their teeth, and it worked. thursday morning they were so excited you would have thought it was christmas. it probably helps that the name of the dentist is dr. king (or dr. the king) as the boys say. (he’s a cars character for those not in the know.) when we got there, their teacher just happened to be there with her daughter—bonus! hi miss winnie!


the office was easily confused with disney world. in the waiting room was a gigantic fish tank filled with nemos. and a small movie theater with stadium seating and disney movies. in the back they had a grouping of dental chairs sort of in an arc and above each one? a flat-panel television with—yep, more disney movies playing. every tool that was used in the boys mouth had a gigantic plastic replica for the boys to hold. you can see that huge green mirror alex is holding. it really helped to ease any fears. also the staff was incredible. so sweet and made the boys truly feel like rock stars. when they left, we were given a picture of their first visit, two new toothbrushes (buzz and lightning mcqeen), some floss samples, toothpaste, bouncy balls and two stuffies! i’m sure the boys can’t wait to go back!

the dentist was pleased with their teeth. (they each have 20.) he suggested we start flossing with max since his are very close together. and that it couldn’t hurt to start the practice with alex, too, even though his teeth are nicely spaced.

and now for the bad part—we have to say goodbye to alex’s neenee. it’s basically distorting his bite and if we don’t get him to give it up, he’s going to have some big issues later. any ideas??



3 thoughts on “no cavities!

  1. hooray for dentist orders. Long time comin’ sista. (yes, I know this will be hard).Idea: Tell him Harrison needs him to do something very special for the boys and girls in _____. They can’t afford ne-nes and Santa will put kids who donate on the extra nice list. Actually have him help you put it in a package, put it in the mail and wa-la…its mailed and gone forever. he might miss it, but keep reminding him he did it for Santa. Send him a package in the mail to arrive a few days after sending it with an extra special present all decorated north pole style (maybe even just put on the fireplace and tell him santa made a special visit to him to say thank you.

  2. Oh, and you must let me know what dentist this is. I think that’s katelyn’s future dentist!

  3. Glad the dentist visit went so well…I have to make the girsl an appointment. I keep putting it off, but hearing the boys did so well is encouraging!

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