sayonara neenee, hello big boy bikes!

so, while i was in new york for work, tripper told alex a story. he explained to alex that harrison, the boys’ elf, had had a baby and his baby did not have a binky of her own. so alex reluctantly gave up his bink to harrison. (he really is the kindest soul i have ever met.)

today, harrison left a surprise at our house for the boys. he spent just over a week working on a super special bike just for alex—and he sent along a matching one for max, too. lucky boys! and, he signed them up for a buy-back/grow with me program. yay!


they both had a little bit of trouble grasping the idea of pedals and brakes, so until they get it down we will keep the training wheels on (the balance bikes will stay here, too. you can’t ride the pump track with training wheels!).


they had a lot of fun practicing in our driveway, but also started to get a bit frustrated with their feet. even still, we basically had to pry them off their new bikes for dinner! two-wheelers with pedals—wow! my boys are growing up!


thanks, harrison! 😉


boys in action!


2 thoughts on “sayonara neenee, hello big boy bikes!

  1. So cute! The girls got bikes with training wheels for their birthday, and they cannot figure out the pedals either…and my back is broken trying to teach them! We decided to skip balance bikes/tricycles, and I am starting to wonder if we made a mistake.

  2. the balance bikes are hands down the best purchase we have made for them (as far as fun things go) so far. i will be so sad to see them go once they get the hang of these.

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