epic fail.

yesterday after i dropped off the boys and before i started working, i decided to do a little makeover of the two $4 lack side tables i’d purchased to hold the party favors at the boys’ party. they were a cute shade of blue, but not quite the right blue and i thought i could have a little fun. i bought some sandpaper, krylon spray-paint primer and a can of ivy green krylon spray paint. when i got home with the green, it too was off, so i grabbed a can of oil-rubbed bronze and a can of white we already had (both krylon) and thought i’d try to make them look old, distressed and charming.

i first wiped down the tables. then i sanded them. i should have just stopped there. next i sprayed on the primer. when it dried i took the oil-rubbed bronze and lightly sprayed just the corners and edges. i waited 10 minutes for it to dry, then on went the white and in i went to work. at lunch i came out and the tables looked desperately like they needed another coat. more white. it just didn’t seem to want to cover. whatever. back to work.

after work it still looked yuck. i grabbed the green and gave it a whirl.

not. at. all. good. when it dryed, paint was bubbling. i tried to sand the bubbles. paint came off in huge clumps. why didn’t it stick? and why won’t all the paint come off now that i’ve attacked it with the sandpaper? ugh. anyway, see for yourself …


before i just toss these puppies in the trash, i thought i’d see if there were any great ideas out there to save them. the one idea i have is to cover the tops in felt and hang them for the boys to velcro things to. i think they’d like that.


5 thoughts on “epic fail.

  1. I spray paint a LOT of stuff {picture frames this morning, as a matter of fact}, but I’m not sure I can help. Are the tables wood? MDF? not plastic, right? Were you using gloss or satin? imho, satin covers better than gloss and I prefer rustoleum to krylon. My best guess would be too many coats with not enough time to dry in between?? Do you have a rotary sander? That might be what it takes to get all the coats off…you could always start again…

  2. they are those cheap ikea lack tables. i think they are wood, but have some kind of melamine-like coating on them. the guy at the paint store said i’d need to rough them up and prime them first.i don’t have a rotary sander, but i think my dad does. i’m game to start over!

  3. http://krylon.com/products/fusion_for_plastic/You should be fine just scraping the loose paint off then painting them with a couple coats of this. I looked at the product sheet on ikea.com and it looks like they have plastic … it’s hard to tell if it’s in the top layer or not though. If you want the aged look you can paint them then get a bronze glaze, paint it on them wipe it off with an old tshirt. I’m doing that with a goodwill dresser right now and it’s turning out awesome!!!P.S. I too prefer Rustoleum.

  4. pictures, sam??looks like there will be some scraping going on over my holiday weekend! thanks for the tip!

  5. Sherwin-Williams makes a primer called XLR or something like that and it’s awesome! You can even paint on glass and it won’t scratch off. I recommend trying that. Or if you are "done" with these- maybe they would look nice in the boys’ play house for the rest of the summer?

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