wiggly water.


last night was so hot and sticky outside that my two darling boys had stripped themselves completely naked before i had a chance to even realize what was going on. for a moment i stood stunned, staring at the two naked boys dancing on my lawn and thinking to myself that there were only two things missing to complete this silly picture—a chicken running around the yard and some cold beer. beer, i could do. the chicken? um, no. i ran in to grab the beer and snagged a few swim diapers on the way out. aren’t we classy?



the boys loved this wiggly water thing—a birthday gift from their cousin, katelyn. at first they screamed and ran through the crazy wiggles and then they got brave. they darted right in and took control of those wigglers. they even started aiming them at mommy and daddy and then pretended to be firemen putting out an imaginary tree fire. when we “ran out of water” they did not cry. instead, they jumped in mud puddles. you should see the bathtub. oy.



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