the peloton?


we had our own little tour de france in the driveway tonight. the boys’ cutie pie friend mia came over after school for dinner and a bike ride. the boys were thrilled! they played so nicely together—even shared and swapped bikes!




our fun outside was a bit short-lived thanks to insane temperatures and some nasty mosquitoes. so we brought the party inside. the boys had fun showing mia how to ride bikes around the dining room table and kitchen island. and the three of them spent an awful lot of time in the bathroom.

but, they all had fun. and i had fun with mia’s mum, darby. it’s so good to chit chat with someone over three years of age! i’m guessing that in another six months we’ll be able to send the kiddos into the playroom and have an actual, uninterrupted conversation. that will be a fine day!

after mia left, the boys kept looking for her. it was sort of adorable. they checked the bathroom, made me look outside, even called out for her for quite a while. we definitely will have to get together with mia again soon!


2 thoughts on “the peloton?

  1. I swear Mia had a blast. She just refuses to show it when a camera is pointed at her! So stubborn.She was so proud to ride a real big kid bike. Thanks for letting us try yours out, Max!!

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