wow, what a beautiful … ???

ok. so while i was preggers and patiently waiting for the boys to arrive, i read an article that talked about encouraging creativity in your kiddos. it had a few words of advice on reactions to artwork. you are NEVER supposed to ask what it is—that stifles the imagination, apparently, and can confuse the child—in his mind wondering why mommy doesn’t see the beautiful batman when it’s plain as day to him. instead, you are supposed to say something like, wow! what a great painting! tell me all about your painting! with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. that gets the child talking and excited about his work. and it makes his imagination grow.

i’m all about growing imaginations.

so, i’ve been following this advice and dutifully asking the boys to tell me about their artwork. and then they brought these home …


wow! what a beautiful, um, um … paper bag?? tell me all about your PROJECT.

you guys, i was stumped. what the hell are these things??

i know the answer now because they weren’t insulted by my bag question and happily chattered on all about their masterpieces.

can you tell what they’re supposed to be? i’ll give you three guesses.


5 thoughts on “wow, what a beautiful … ???

  1. Yeah!! I never win and now I can say I did! I had two puffer fish when I lived in NC after my college years. They were named Mork and Mindy. 😉 And had the funniest little personalities. I’d come home and one would be floating on it’s side…swore it was dead. But then he’d pop out just one of his fins and would make himself float on his side in circles.

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