first day of school.


alex and max started their new 3-year-old classroom today. we talked about it all weekend and last night we sure thought they were excited. turns out we were only half right—alex was excited. max was hysterical. he woke up and said he was excited, but then he fought every single step of the getting ready process. he didn’t want to wear underpants. he didn’t like his pants. he didn’t like his shirt. his shoes were all wrong (did i tell you the woody boots died?? the sole came off. oooof. not good.) he cried so hard i thought he was going to break into a million little pieces on the floor. poor little guy.

when we finally got to school, the boys had missed breakfast. more crying. then we got to the new classroom and max wouldn’t step in the door. the rest of the class was having circle time and nicely listening to a story while i carried my child kicking and screaming through the room. not fun. he wanted his old teachers, ms. arleathia and ms. winnie. bless his heart. alex bounded over to his spot on the floor and was delighted to see his name there. then max spotted his. and it was next to his little friend ashley. and suddenly, the tears stopped. he climbed down from me and slowly made his way across the room.


he sat down next to his friend. she hugged him and everything was ok—until i pulled out the camera. do you see those eye daggers??


i sure hope the boys are doing ok now. it’s hard to be three, that’s for sure. i have my fingers crossed for excited faces and entertaining stories come dinner time!


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