a few weeks ago, tripper’s cousin robbie offered up his old desk to the boys. from the measurements he gave i wasn’t sure if it was going to fit. it’s large and very heavy. and when he sent a picture, it did not match our colors. BUT this was just the chance i’d been hoping for—a good, well-constructed, solid piece of furniture to refinish—and it was free! thanks, robbie! i made sure it was ok to take a paintbrush to his beloved piece of childhood and he said to have at it—it otherwise was going to goodwill.

so i did. ta-da!


whaddaya think? does it make you cringe that i painted such nice wood? do you like it? here’s a few snapshots of the work in progress …







and after up close:


i tried doing a whitewash technique using some grey paint we had at home, hoping to sort of mimic the dining room table. i learned so much as i went and am kind of excited at how it turned out. trouble is, i still don’t have a spot for it. the wall where it now sits is the *perfect* spot, except you can’t open the front door with it there. sigh. if i don’t find a place for it by the weekend’s end, i may have to offer it up for grabs. know anyone who wants a desk?


2 thoughts on “{re}finished.

  1. i love what you did with the desk…i am looking forward to doing stuff like that once my littles are a bit older…i can’t believe you did that in your living room? did you sand it first??

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