what’s new?


can you tell?

i’ll give you a hint … head and shoulders, knees and toes—minus the shoulders and knees bit.

still can’t tell? ok, ok. i’ll clue you in.

the boys got much needed haircuts today! we went to a new place—which included getting to sit in a vintage airplane (alex) and a vintage firetruck (max) while madagascar 2 played on personal flat screen televisions. do i need to say they loved it? they did. plus they got to play trains before and they got to choose lollipops after. nice touch.

and on to the toes part …

after haircuts we headed over to the mall and got the boys’ feet measured at stride rite. alex is up half a size to 8.5 and max is up a whole size to an 8! while we were there, we learned they were having a buy one get one half off sale, so the boys came out with new “jumping shoes.” they picked them out. they have neon orange on them.

since it was raining, we made a day out of being at the mall. we went to the disney store, rode the train, ate pizza, rode the carousel and then saw a two-band concert at dillard’s in the kids department. the boys loved the band called the taask. the lead singer, only 12, was incredible. i think max may have had a crush on her because he kept saying, “i’m totally going to rock with that girl,” as he played his pretend guitar. silly goose.




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