roller coaster ride.

our roller coaster week of croup was capped off with exactly that—a roller coaster. and the boys loved it! we got the green light from their doctor to take the boys to baby katelyn’s first birthday party on saturday, so we did. she was adorable in her party shirt and purple tutu and threw one heckuva great party!! (i’m hoping ashley sends over a few pictures!) the boys did ok—had a few meltdowns—but were especially smiley when they got to ride the coaster …

both kiddos are back at school today. max is totally fine. alex is still toughing it out a bit. unfortunately he also seems to have side effects from steroids, the treatment for the throat swelling that comes with croup. what kind of side effects? rage. it comes in waves, and not that often, but boy when one wave hits he is one mean little son of a gun. i cannot wait for them to be out of his system. poor little guy. i want my baby back!


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