we three peas …


when we moved out to the suburbs last year, i always hoped we’d live in a neighborhood with lots of kids—where our back door constantly banged open and shut and the littles would come streaming in and out. there are a mess of kiddos here, but so far the boys are only comfortable barging in on their little friend william grey. and he’s the same. just last night his little face was pressed up against our back door window. sooo cute! and luckily, tripper and i both really like william’s mum and dad, too. yay!

additionally, the boys also like to drop in on our side neighbors, bobby and debbie. they do not have any kids, but boy do they love our boys! they moved in right after we did and we feel so lucky to live next door. it’s fun to have neighbors you like where you can just pop by. sort of feels like the dorm all over. and with tripper traveling so much, it’s nice to sit and chat with grown-ups while watching your kiddos run around in circles yelling, you can’t catch meeeeeeeeeeeee!


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