to diy or not to diy?

ok, you know i’ve been on this do it yourself kick lately, right? (i actually still owe some pictures.) well, i thought perhaps i’d take a stab at making a bathmat for our new bathroom. i had seen these really great recycled jersey mats in a few places and loved the look. so i ran to michaels and bought some latchhook backing ($4 with a coupon) and then started cutting up a bunch of old white onesies into strips. i loved the idea of recycling the boys’ old infant uniform. great, right?


so far, the rug is coming out just as i’d hoped. it’s shaggy, but not in a yarn kind of way. i just love it. which is why it’s hard for me to ask this next question—should i continue?

my fears are twofold: 1) i have a long way to go. see?


what you are looking at is about 5 hours of work so far. and you see how much more i have left to do? ugh. it’ll easily take me more than a month to finish. 2) i’m not sure my end product will be machine washable. i guess it would be? but the backing is very stiff and it’s large and i’m sure pieces would fall out. i love the way it looks all fluffy and white. not sure i’d like it at all all matted down and dingy. hmmmm.

turns out of the ones i’ve seen in stores, the one from west elm is actually pretty affordable—and machine washable. so what do you think? do i throw in the towel bath mat and just buy it? i have plenty of other diy tasks to attend to. thoughts?



6 thoughts on “to diy or not to diy?

  1. Why don’t you buy the big rug, but cut this one down and make a smaller version to use somewhere else? That way, the work you’ve put in doesn’t go to waste and you still have a really cute rug.

  2. @amanda—the backing is like this (but i picked up mine at michaels): and the fabric is literally old onesies from my twins when they were babies. you can use old t-shirts, old jersey sheets, whatever. it’s a great way to recycle. just cut into sort of even strips (i was aiming for about 4-5 inches long and about 1-inch wide, but did not measure). then you just pull them down through a square and up through the one next to it. easy! but time consuming!!@karen—great idea!

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