is it bedtime yet?


it’s been a long time coming, but i finally feel like our master bedroom is ready enough to start sharing some progress pictures. hooray! ready for a long-winded story? of course you are. here we go …

so remember back in the winter when we suddenly decided we needed a king-sized bed? we weren’t sleeping well, both hugging the edge, boys climbing in and out all night—and with the surprise little bit of fun money that had come our way it seemed like the right thing to do. and remember it did in fact turn out to be the right thing to do because the purchase of that bed directly led to discovering that our entire chimney had to be replaced? (if you don’t remember, here’s a refresher.) ok, so anyway, we moved the queen-sized bed into the guestroom along with the dresser we had, which was the perfect size for our condo but always looked way too small in the big bedroom. for the longest time we had nothing in the master— just our bed, a small desk shoved in the corner, a few random chairs, a tv on the wall and some cardboard boxes turned upside down for night stands. classy!


ever-so slowly, we have been adding to (and subtracting from) that scene. first we needed a headboard/footboard. i originally wanted an upholstered headboard, but that was not in the budget. instead we found a metal one from restoration hardware—on craigslist! yeeehaw!! the original owners had purchased the bed because they loved it so much. they were renovating an old house in marietta and turning the attic into a master suite. when it was finally ready to move up the furniture, they couldn’t get the headboard to fit, the walls were too sloped. unlucky for them, lucky for us. the funny thing is, she had to *settle* on an upholstered headboard that was tall in the center and lower on the sides—exactly what i’d originally been hoping for. funny, right?


the next piece we found was a dresser. i have to say this was a pretty exciting purchase. i saw it on gilt group one day. originally it was a lot and that day only, it was a little (under $300 shipped!). so i bought it. unseen. i never do that. i figured if we hated it we could sell it for the same amount on craigslist, right? then we had to wait. and wait. and wait. and the week they started doing the bathroom demolition, it came. it was much lighter in person than what i’d expected from the photo, but i love it. it adds some woody warmth to the rest of the room.

after i ordered the dresser and before it actually came, i decided to try a little diy project. you guys, i built a five-foot-long desk. for under $30. want to see it?


ta-da! i’d seen a tutorial online and it didn’t seem too hard to do, so i gave it a try. it’s not perfect, but i am pleased with the way it turned out. basically, it’s two 10-foot-long boards cut in half and then all attached together on top of some ikea table legs. i stained it to look like driftwood. then i recovered one of the odd, misfit chairs that was floating around in there. the seat is now navy and blue striped. i’m still on the fence as to what to do to the wooden part. i’m sort of leaning toward a sunshine yellow. thoughts?


oh and you see that rug? i bet you think i dragged that up from the living room, right? nope. i did not. my neighbor had the same one in 8’x10′ and she sold it to me after she remodeled her living room. for a benjamin! yay! it sat rolled up on the floor for a long time and finally this weekend we rolled it out. happy me!

after the dresser came, i knew i needed to bring a little bit of that warm brown over to the other side of the room, too. i found two small bedside tables at the ballard outlet and brought them home. they’re perfect. and then a few weeks ago we made a big score at ikea. two of the perfect sized dressers for the nooks on either side of our bed.

here’s tripper’s side. the leather chair we already had. we still need to hang pictures of something over his side, but the frames are propped up and ready to go.


and here’s my side. i found a new home for some design magazines i’ve been collecting, on top of which i put the flowers that used to be on the dining room table. oh, and the clear glass lamps i got at target this weekend.


i’m not sure i want to hang anything on my side. still trying to figure that out. i love that the furniture is all symmetrical, so why not let what’s above it be a reflection of our own individual styles, right? as long as i still have veto power, i’m ok with that. 😉


and there you have it—so far. we still need window treatments of some kind. (any ideas?) we (i) need to figure out what color to make that chair. i really want a fun pop of some kind. we also want to add a nice upholstered chair for the side of the dresser. we have no idea what to put over the bed. and we definitely need some plants. i have to say that as far as we are from done, it felt great climbing into bed last night. it’s starting to feel like a real bedroom! and all done on a shoestring. yay!

ps—not sure why the walls are showing up yellow in these pics. it’s more of a beige/cream color. hmmm.


2 thoughts on “is it bedtime yet?

  1. Hey Holly! Love it! I think the chair might be really cute in a bright yellow… but I might have color skew if the shades are not showing up true. I totally thought you brought the rug up from downstairs… how cool is it that your neighbor had the same one and was ready to sell? Oh, and did I notice that the favicon for the blog changed too?

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