doctors in the house!


on sunday we took dr. allen and dr. allen to a halloween party at tripper’s friend allison’s house—a halloween party complete with pumpkins, hay and a photographer! the boys were acting a bit aloof, but billy (ali’s hubby and the man behind the camera) did a great job making these beautiful pictures. thanks, ali and billy!


how’d you like to see these two doctors coming at you with a scapel? scary!


i kid. actually, the boys looked precious in their scrubs and white coats. thank you ceecee for picking these out. they actually will wear them again friday at school—they are supposed to dress as an occupation. and who knows for halloween. they keep changing their minds every day. i have my fingers crossed for vampires (so they can rewear their wedding tuxes), but they have other ideas. i never would have guessed that two 3-year-old kiddos would have so many opinions! i’m glad i got in the fried egg costumes when i did!


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