evicted??? haha, no!

but it sure did look like it this morning!! check out our front porch …


the real story is that we made a donation to the disabled veterans and they asked us to leave everything clearly marked by the front door. our pickup window? between 8am and 5pm! luckily they came around 10:30ish so our mysterious pile wasn’t there all day for potentially nosey neighbors to make up stories …

so, as much as i would have preferred a yard sale to make a little bit of money (they are forbidden in our neighborhood), it felt great to donate so much. we had eight (8!!) big moving boxes stuffed full of baby and toddler clothes. EIGHT, y’all. that’s like three years of stuff, times two. we also had a small box of big people clothes, a box of books, a box of baby toys, two umbrella strollers, some terra cotta pots, a box of housewares, a funny 70s wall hanging, a shopping bag of hangers (they need those, too, right?) and some fireplace tools. i hope they all go to good homes where they will be loved and used and not just sit around collecting dust.

the 2011 season of giving has officially begun! squeeeeee!


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