buh-bye halloween.

i suppose it’s time to take down the spooky decor and pack it away for another year. before i do, however, i thought i’d share some pictures of my favorite pieces. you already saw our mantel with the leaf from max …


and here are some of our other holiday friends. boooooooo. our ghost in the stairwell (we actually have two—imagine that).


a creepy spider over the dining room table. spooky! (please ignore the crazy girl bending in the most unnatural way in the mirror’s reflection.)


a friendly jack-o-lantern and halloween frog on a new bargain table (more on that later).


twin ghost pumpkins on the stoop (the boys picked them).


my fantastic kroger find. love him!


our big orange pumpkin dressed as a bat courtesy of ceecee and pompa.


and one of three scary spiders we stuck on the house.


i really will miss them. I love decorating for any reason, but it’s so much more fun with kiddos around.

bring on the turkey-shaped stuff! gobble. gobble.



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