sneak preview.

let’s talk about big kid beds, shall we? i think i’ve mentioned before that alex is complaining his bed is too small and max pretty much refuses to sleep through the night in his, so we decided that santa will be bringing new beds this christmas.

this decision sort of foiled my plans—i’d hoped their toddler beds would take us right on up to six years of age, when they could have bunkbeds. wishful thinking, right? but—a week or two ago i thought i had stumbled on the perfect solution for us. i got a catalog from rh baby & child and in it was a set of twin beds that could be converted to bunkbeds later on. yes, please! sign me up!

only there was a downside. the cost. they were expensive. and since we also have to buy new mattresses and bedding and other stuff that comes with redoing a room, i thought i’d call customer service before i ordered to see if they were going to have a sale anytime soon.

while i was on the phone, i learned something. the top bunk needed to have a special low-profile mattress to work with the guard rail. a special mattress that was only four inches tall. since we were going to have them side-by-side FOR THREE YEARS, we’d either have to order two regular mattresses plus the low-profile one (to store and use later just in case it was discontinued or unavailable when we were finally ready for it) or just go with two low-profile ones. there it is. see that? the snag.

i love the look of a tall, fluffy bed and a four-inch mattress does not equal that. plus, would it even help the max situation? even his crib mattress is taller than that. if we shelled out all that money only to have to duct tape him in bed? of course, i’m kidding. seriously though—since rh baby & child is just an online retailer in these parts, we couldn’t even try out the mattress before ordering it. would it be a mistake?

this revelation caused me to pause and rethink. and then i dragged tripper back into the whole rethinking process. he made the observation that maybe they didn’t even want to share a room. so we asked them. sometimes they say yes. sometimes no. another snag. with this information in hand, we decided to forego the bunkbeds—i mean if you potentially had your own room for three years would you want to go back to sharing with your brother just so your mum could look at your cute bunkbeds? probably not.

so we set out on a search for twin beds that could work together in one room or be split up into two rooms. we found a few that we loved, mostly panel beds with headboards and footboards and we had decided on a clean white finish. then the sales lady asked a terrible question.

“white?” she said.
“yes. white.” i said.
“they are boys, right?” she said eyeing our little mop tops.”

and that planted enough doubt that we left with nothing. tripper sided with the lady. i was crestfallen. but i guess it’s true, white beds while adorable for little toddlers may not be the best choice for 13-year-old boys and eventually 18-year-old men.

so right back to square one.

and then i had an epiphany moment. i remembered these adorable headboards i had seen in the ballard catalog for something like $299 each. i suggested something less expensive like just a headboard to carry us for a few years—why choose their forever beds now? we can do one more stage. then the boys can have input in a few years. then i showed tripper the picture. you guys, i couldn’t believe that tripper actually said yes. they aren’t exactly appropriate for young men, but my little loves are going to look like princes for the next few years.

i decided to drive over to the ballard outlet center just to see if they had one to see in person. we are lucky to not live too far from one. and guess what! they had two!! a sign, right? they originally were $349 but they were marked to $223 at the outlet center. and i got to bring them right on home. you can’t beat that with a stick!

since you were so lovely and slogged through all that, here’s a sneak peek. do not tell the boys!



the only problem now is how to arrange everything. there are basically three options—both beds in their current room, both beds in what is now the guest room or one bed in each.

sadly, the current room setup will not work for twin beds.


i love walking into the room and seeing their little beds side-by-side like this. but that wall isn’t large enough for both twin beds. if we split them up, one bed will be adorable on this same wall. if we keep them together in this room we can either put the beds on this wall:



but then the door swings open into the side of the bed and it becomes an obstacle course to get to the bathroom. plus the beds are so close there isn’t room for a little table between them, which i guess is ok. not ideal, but ok.

another option if they stay in this room is to put them on this wall:


but then you would enter the room and be greeted by the long side of the bed. could have a sort of claustrophobic feel. the other bed would be against the wall and there would be room for a tiny table between them. the fourth wall is out because it’s almost entirely windows and a notched closet.

we could move both boys into the guest room. it’s smaller but the walls have more uninterrupted space. i should have used a wider-angle lens here.


basically both beds would have to come off the wall to the right. you’d enter the room and walk straight into the side of the bed.

if we only had one bed in here, it would be adorable coming off that wall with the picture on it, but then there’s the whole feng shui issue. the foot would be looking right out the door. any thoughts?

decisions. decisions.



4 thoughts on “sneak preview.

  1. My idea, give the boys their own rooms. And give me that bed in your spare room! not kidding, if you are looking to get rid of it. 🙂

  2. Hey BTW, how do you get it to link back to old posts….i want to do that on mine. Did you see that I’m doing another room makeover for our oldest Taylor? It’ll be done this weekend, she gets to "open" it on Thanksgiving, she’s coming home from college. It’s your favorite green. In fact, I’m putting that picture you and Tripper gave me at Christmas in there cause the frame is perfect shade of green. go look at my blog, i put a sneak peek up, if you haven’t seen it already.

  3. good move! Chances are by the time they are teenagers, twin beds won’t be big enough or "cool enough" for them!

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