california girls.

so i have this friend samantha who lives way over in california. we are friends for two simple reasons: 1. we both have twins and 2. we both blog. we’ve been friends for more than three years now and we have never actually met—until today!

sam was passing through town on her way to visit family and we were able to meet up for an hour or two this afternoon! yay! i have to say it was a little crazy to see her and her two cuties—edie claire and ella grace—face to face! we decided to meet up at chick-fil-a and then pop over to the boys’ school so they could meet alex and max.

edie chasing alex.


ella chasing alex.


the big hill. alex was delighted to show them.


being silly.


so you may be wondering where max is? well, when we got to the school all the kiddos had just gone down for nap. when i peeked in the room to get the boys, max was sound asleep and alex was just getting in his cot after a trip to the potty. i just couldn’t bring myself to wake maxie up, so i just took alex out to meet the girls. max is going to be sooooo mad when he finds out!

anyway, it was lovely to finally meet! the girls are every bit as adorable in real life as they are on the blog!! have safe travels, sam!! and thanks so much for including me in your trip!!


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