take a seat …


… or two! if your eagle eyes spotted two linen tufted chairs in the last post you would be right! before i jump into our thanksgiving recap, let me tell you a little about our great purchase, for which i am very thankful. we found the chairs at a salvage shop in chattanooga over the thanksgiving holiday and somehow managed to squeeze them into an already packed-to-the-brim car. let me fill you in on the backstory …

last week before the break i was reading housetweaking like i normally do and dana was talking about a few things she found for a steal at a local-to-her shop called home emporium. as i admired her purchases (namely a bullrush basket and some cool faux bullhorns) i was feeling a bit bummed that we don’t have a store like that here in atlanta. you know, one with incredible stuff for incredible prices. she had linked the store in her post so i clicked it to see if maybe you could buy online. no luck, but then i noticed that their main flagship store was located in chattanooga! right where we were about to spend a few days! how crazy is that? so i made tripper promise that we’d go on the way back home.

the place was amazing. in chattanooga it has the much less glamourous name of southeastern salvage and it is a huge warehouse full of random things. everything from slabs of granite to lumber to furniture and home decor. the furniture was all familiar from places like restoration hardware and ballard and wisteria.

we spotted the tufted chairs right away but were afraid the prices would still be crazy high. guess what? they weren’t! we got two of them for way less than the price of one at restoration hardware. we stuffed them in the car and went on our merry way.

i love the way they look in that awkward area by the stairs. i mean i really, really LOVE it. and of course after searching for almost two years for the perfect thing to put in that place we finally find “the one” the very day before we have to clear that area for the christmas tree. ah well—something to look forward to after the holidays, right?


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