santa’s helper.

santa sent an elf to help get started on transforming the guest room into a kiddo room in hopes of a big reveal on christmas morning. it’s kind of funny, the elf that santa sent looks a lot like pompa. but the elf is much, much shorter. and wears a red hat that jingles.

our little elf has been busy painting the guest room the same shade of blue as the boys’ room. and since santa sent the beds before thanksgiving for us to keep under wraps, poor little elf pompa has had to work around them.


santa already sent the bedding as well, so while the first coat of paint dried, i couldn’t help myself and just had to make up one of the beds.



and then somehow i found myself making up the other, too.


aren’t they so cute?


the duvet cover and personalized sham are the henley stripe in dove from rh baby & child. my splurge since the headboards were such a steal. and the original plan was to have plain white sheets, but when i made up the beds, they just looked too old. enter the elliot sheets from pottery barn kids—vintage fire trucks! the boys are going to love them.

so once the paint dries (second coat goes up today), santa is supposed to bring a little red dresser and two white expedit bookcases from ikea—hopefully sometime this weekend. and elf pompa is going to take the white dresser from the boys’ nursery back to the north pole and paint that cherry red. each of the rooms will get a book case and they’ll each have a red dresser. the guest room, which is going to become alex’s room, will get all spiffied up and staged before christmas—the doors will remain closed and locked and hopefully nobody starts asking any questions. (they’ve been that way for two weeks and nobody has seemed to notice.) then christmas eve, santa is going to take the boys out of their room and place them in ours while he and his elves rearrange max’s room. bows will go on doors hopefully in time for a big reveal on christmas morning. please let that magic happen!


3 thoughts on “santa’s helper.

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  2. HOlly: Their room is going to look so cute. I cant wait to see the final pics. The the firetruck sheets. Where did you get the black and white you are my sunshine sign? I love it 😉

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