happy christmas!


here’s our 2011 christmas card! i think it’s just about the most adorable thing ever. and guess what? tripper did not take the picture. before you go congratulating me on a job well done you should know that i did not take the picture either. so who did? well, the old allen clan had professional photos taken earlier this year. we realized—after much nagging from ceecee—that we had plenty of great pictures of the boys, but none as a family.

so, we called up one miss katie bower—one of my favorite bloggers who also happens to be a fantastic professional photographer. we booked our shoot for late august and i have been dying to show these to you since we got them back.

so why haven’t i shown you? well, because they were my mum’s christmas present. i had them all printed and tied them up with twine. then i put the tied-up-with-string package into a big glass jar—so cute! we gave them to her after the boys’ school party because i just couldn’t wait any longer. so now that she’s seen them, i’m free to share. hip! hip!

my only request to katie—and it was a huge one—was to get ONE decent family photo. i wanted something more photojournalistic—nothing posed. i knew all the ones of the kiddos would come out adorable, but i really wanted something of the entire family that was suitable for hanging up. ceecee also wanted the same—this i knew from the not-so-subtle hints she’s been dropping for like, oh, three years.

you guys, we got so many! take a look at just a few of my favorites …



and just look at these beautiful shots of the boys …


and of course, the christmas card photo …


and what was almost the christmas card photo …


thank you so very much, katie bower!! it was great to finally meet you (and a little strange since i felt like i knew pretty much everything about you (except you were much taller than i expected)!). i can’t wait to do it again next year—but maybe not in august when it’s 98°. we love our pictures. best. present. ever. thank you. thank you. thank you.

happy christmas, everyone!


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