two new big boy rooms for christmas!

santa was busy last night. i’m not sure how he did it, but somehow he pulled it off and there were two bright and shiny new rooms for max and alex to open this morning—complete with bows on the doors—just in time for christmas. phew!

we went from this (which i will miss with every fiber of my being):


to these … max’s big boy room:


alex’s big boy room:


and the other side of alex’s room:


the boys were so excited. i think the fact that the bears on the beds were holding transformer toys added to their excitement, too. forget the new paint, new headboards, new mattresses, new bedding, new dressers, new bookcases and new space. the $4 transformer was the biggest hit. kidding. kind of. seriously, i think santa did a great job on their rooms because when both sets of grandparents arrived at our door, the first thing the boys wanted to do was show them their new rooms. yay!

fast forward seven hours and it was time for their first naps in their new rooms. max got in the bed with no fuss, which never happens. alex did the same. then they shouted to each other—things like, good-night my brother! and, are you in your bed? i’m in my bed! oh, and then there was this …

uh-oh. those of you in the know should find that comment interesting. think he was just checking out the new digs?

anyway, here they are in their new beds for the first time. max drifted right off to sleep.


alex did not. he played quietly in his new room for a while and now he’s downstairs watching gnomeo and juliet. i hope tonight goes a bit better!


their toddler beds are still all set up in our room—our plan b in case the night tonight doesn’t go so well.


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