staycation, so far.

the boys’ school is closed this week, so i have had to take vacation to be with them. lordy. lordy. being a stay-at-home mum is HARD work. the boys are bundles of energy. and have i mentioned they have a lot of energy? here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to—don’t let the first two fool you …


the boys are sleeping great in their new rooms. the first night max still ended up in our bed, but monday and tuesday night he stayed in his own room all night. so did alex. don’t they look so little in their new beds?


we have been playing piano and tenting and also painting and cooking sweets. we had a marshmallow eating contest (not the smartest idea ever). we’ve built tunnels out of empty boxes (and even decorated them with graffiti) and made train tracks on the floor with blue painter’s tape. we’ve cut up cubes of bread to dip in olive oil and watched the jungle book and gnomeo and juliet at least three times each. we drove to decatur to have a dinner date with our friend hudson and actually ate our entire meal, thanks to hudson’s daddy, michael, who is a true genius and deserves lots of gold stars.

we bundled up in boots, hats and coats to go visit our beloved (dried up and crunchy) christmas tress that now live curbside in the alley behind our house …


we barged in on our friends the durischs and had our first introduction to r2d2 (thanks, logan!)


we had a playdate at a shop with a cool train table …


and we saw not one …


but two trains go under our feet in the westside of atlanta.


we used our imaginations to play this fun game …

we called it peter piper and it consisted of nothing more than running from max’s room to alex’s room while stomping on a cardboard box and sometimes tackling.

and it’s only wednesday. whew.

tomorrow is a big day for us. max is having ear surgery again. please send up a little prayer around 9:15 am. i’m sure it’ll be fine, but i can’t help but worry for my little peanut.

oh, and did i mention tripper is sick? again. that tummy bug is ruthless. max then tripper then holly then alex then max again and now tripper again. blerg. let’s hope the bug stops there. please!


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