new tubes are in!

max’s tube surgery was a success today and i am so glad it’s behind us. we got the call yesterday that his surgery would be at 9:15 am (they do youngest to oldest) and to be at the hospital by no later than 8. so at 7am this morning i loaded up max and alex (tripper has that terrible tummy bug and i didn’t want to chance it leaving alex at home, plus i couldn’t imagine having to entertain a 3-year-old feeling that badly) and we headed down to scottish rite.

the doctor said max’s old tubes were just laying there on his eardrums, so she removed them and put in fresh new ones. he had lots of fluid behind his left ear that she thought probably was causing him a good deal of discomfort and also was affecting his hearing. the new tubes should remedy both. he did great throughout the whole procedure. i have to say it is weird to walk into an operating room—but even with all the machines and masked people, max was super brave.

then came the hardest part. they like the kiddos to sleep at least 10 minutes in the recovery room before waking up—it’s easier on them and they come to a little more peacefully. (i remember the mean and the thrashing from last time all too well.) but this time i was not at all prepared for max to be woken up because he was throwing up. it was pretty scary. he threw up a lot. the nurse thinks it was the dose of lortab on an empty stomach. they sent us on our way with a barf bag for the car. nice. but half an hour or so later, he was totally fine. phew.

in the car on the way home max kept asking for dunkin donuts. we got a box of munchkins and he ate eight of them! then all three of us took a 3-hour nap. we woke up and made our own pizzas for lunch …


the boys ate so many toppings they really didn’t eat the finished product. so i did. whoops!

anyway, i’m glad today is done. i know it’s routine surgery, but nothing is routine when it’s your own kiddo, right?


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