p is for party.


the allen four headed to not one, not two, but THREE parties this weekend!! it’s funny how our social calendar is pretty much blank and then everything happens all at once. when it rains, it pours—right?

somehow we managed to leave our camera behind for all three events—i blame the frigid temps. booo. but then today, for party number three, we remembered to pull out the iPhones. yay!

here are the birthday boy and girl—max and madison (and their daddy, Justin) turning the big 3! max and madison live diagonally across from us. our tiny street has only seven houses on it and two of those houses, the only ones with kids, have twins in them. and two of those twins are named max. how funny!


madison and mommy, nicole, about to eat a HUGE cupcake!


max eating his HUGE cupcake. that tiny little tot put away the entire thing. wow!


our max, alex and little friend george.


george was the birthday boy yesterday, so i’m glad we were able to make up for forgetting our camera!!


our lovely neighbors—minus one. in addition to the twins, nicole and justin have an about-to-turn-one year old baby, ari, too! i don’t know how they do it!!


so to recap, george’s 2nd birthday yesterday, the twins 3rd birthday today. And what was the third party? it was a super fun visit to ashley’s house! not aunt ashley, but ashley from the boys’ class. the boys were thrilled to hang out with ashley, aiden, cristian, collin and ried from school and two new friends, too. and we were thrilled to hang out with some really fun parents! i even had a chocolate martini—yum!!

all of these parties made me want to have one of our own. how long ’til june??



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