more birthday wishes.

the boys were super excited to decorate cupcakes for pompa’s birthday today. only trouble was ceecee and pompa didn’t get to come over today. i’ve got yet another cold (i blame the lady in the ER who must have never learned the importance of covering your mouth while coughing). anyway, we didn’t want to risk exposing ceecee, so we postponed our get together until monday. which works out well because monday is actually ceecee’s birthday! yay!

rather than break the boys’ hearts by not doing cupcakes as promised, we went ahead and made them—with pompa’s blessing. his only request was that we take lots of pictures. and pictures we did take. if you aren’t sitting, you might want to—this is a long happy birthday post!

carefully placing the frosting.


opening the sprinkles.


being very generous with the sprinkles.


this next series cracks me up—licking the spreader.


finger-lickin’ good. don’t be shy!


action shot sprinkles. zoom in on this one, it’s kinda amazing.


ta-da! one super happy birthday cupcake.


the first little bite.


the first gigantic bite.


a little milk to wash it down.


i did make two special minicakes for the birthday boy and girl. i took two of the jumbo cupcakes, sliced off the top and glued them together—belly to belly—with frosting. then i pretended they were little cakes and frosted the tops and the sides. i was way more stingy with the sprinkles—there are exactly 70 on here. make a wish!


and in case the still shots weren’t enough, here are some live action ones as well.

we hope you had as much fun on your birthday as we had making these cupcakes, pompa! we love you!

ps—you should have seen the floor when we were done. sprinkles!


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