sharks at the zoo.


when the boys (tripper, alex and max) go off by themselves without me they call themselves, the sharks. i’m not sure which of the boys started it, but they say it very matter of factly and it’s quite adorable. (fwiw, when it’s just me and the boys we are called the ducklings.)

on saturday the sharks went to the zoo.


i must say that i am super proud of tripper for being brave enough to take the boys somewhere larger than the chick-fil-a playground, which is about all i can handle.


they had a teriffic time looking at all the animals. they talked a lot about the pandas and the meerkats, baby gorillas, flamingos and the rhinocerous. and tripper told me when they approached the elephants, max announced to all—elephant in spanish is elefante! cute!


they also loved the petting zoo. and max, the one who is terrified of dogs, brushed a goat. i’m speechless.


tripper said having them in their red coats was awesome because he could spot them so easily in a crowd. note to self: always buy obnoxious outerwear.


they got to hear a lion roar. and they stepped on animal tracks.





and they had a grand time near this tree.







this duckling is so happy the sharks had such a lovely time at the zoo. i hope next time we all get to go. i need to ask them what we’re called when it’s the whole family!!



2 thoughts on “sharks at the zoo.

  1. Your boys are so cute and I love your blog. I am so impressed that not only did your husband take the boys to the zoo, but also documented it so well.

  2. Sorry we missed them! Nicholas would have loved to run into them – it was a great day for the zoo – not crowded and just chilly enough the animals were very active!

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